Book Blogger Hop

What is your favorite series that you’ve finished all the books to?

I will have to go with Twilight and The Hunger Games. (Can you believe I’ve never read Harry Potter?)



Runners up include Sookie Stackhouse, Matched, and Alex Cross.




Series that I love but haven’t finished yet are A Song of Ice and Fire, Last Survivors, Legend, and Divergent.







  1. Oh, I LOVE Twilight, too!! I’m embarrassed to admit that I haven’t read the Sookie Stackhouse series, since I love vamps….something I gotta do something about! I tried to get into The Hunger Games, but just couldn’t. Another series I want to get into is the one by George R.R. Martin!! I LOVE fantasy!! I also want to read the “Life As We Knew It” series, the “Legend” series, and the “Divergent” series!! Thanks for sharing these GREAT choices!! Happy Reading!! : )

  2. I’m making my way through Song of Ice and Fire now, I’m loving it, but all my other books are feeling neglected! I loved the Hunger Games as well, although I’m not quite finished the last book yet. I’m great at starting series – just not so much at finishing them.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog- I tried to write back it your email came up as “”!
    I haven’t read Insurgent yet. I was trying to hold out a bit longer so that way it doesn’t seem so long between Insurgent and Allegiant, which I also can’t wait for!

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