Literary Junkies

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1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it.
I am reading two books: Hollywood by Charles Bukowski and Prodigy by Marie Lu.



I have been wanting to read something by Bukowski. I heard he’s kind of a jerk and his writing is geared more towards men but I don’t feel that way about this book. I’m really enjoying it although I can’t help thinking of Hank Moody on Californication as I read it (the character is supposedly based off Bukowski).


Anyway, the book is about a writer who lives in Hollywood and writes a screenplay. The plot so far has been about all the misadventures of turning the screenplay into a movie.

Prodigy is the second book in a young adult dystopian series (I also read the first book, Legend). I have been trying to steer clear of this genre, because I’ve read so much of it lately and it’s starting to get redundant, but this book just came out and there weren’t many holds for it at the library so I decided to snatch it up.

I like it so far. The parts I’m most impressed with are: how they describe what happened to the world to make it so different (natural disasters, then wars, etc.) and what their world is like (Africa is the leading superpower, the US is divided into the Republic and the Colonies, which are like third world countries) and how it’s not totally predictable yet. Of course I’m sure June and Day will end up together in the end but will they assassinate the new Elector? Is he really a good guy? We’ll see.

2. Explain the recipe for a great book.
I’m not really sure I know the recipe. I like books in all different genres. As long as I don’t want to put the book down then I like it! I also prefer books where I care about the characters. There are still some good books where I loathe the characters (Gone Girl) but I’d prefer to be rooting for them.


3. Tell us things you’ve learned from a book recently. Did you learn anything about history? Did you take away a deep and profound realization about the world around you? Or maybe even a beauty tip?
I’ve learned that James Patterson is a better author than I thought he was (I hadn’t read a book of his in a long time but I really enjoyed Now You See Her). Mindy Kaling is hilarious. Reading her book made me love her show even more. I haven’t read any really profound books lately… 😉



4. What was your favorite book as a child?
I can’t remember what I read as a really young child. As a preteen/teenager, I liked the Fear Street, Sunset Island, The Baby-sitters Club, and Nancy Drew series.







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